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Thank you to all of our volunteers who signed up for this year's 2024 HBCU College Basketball All-Star Game and Extravaganza.

We have completely fill up our volunteer needs for the 3rd annual HBCU College Basketball All-Star Game & Extravaganza being held on APRIL 20, 2024.  We look forward to seeing you at the Schottenstein Center, with Marketplace & Tailgate starting at 1PM, on April 20th!




Assisting on the Volunteer Coordinator Team and helping as needed.  Can be a runner, assisting with all tasks concerning the volunteers.

Basketball Game

Be available to work the HBCU Basketball Game in a variety of capacities including but not limited to assisting players, coaches, referees, on/off court production in conjunction with the Production staff.

Greeter: Assisting guests with locating and directing them to events and providing day of support to all visitors attending all aspects of the Classic.


Ensuring all special guests have everything they need to have successful Sanctioned Events.  Can include but is not limited to runners for VIP Guests, hosting VIPS and speakers and other participants.  

  • Suite Hosts that are available to all Suite guests and provide them with a “go to” person representing the Classic.  Also will monitor the Suite Hall to ensure non-suite guests are not on the floor.

Live Event Support: Will serve as monitors that will attend the Sanctioned events and provide them with a runner and go to person representing the Classic. 

Pre-Game Support

This is our team that will be known as the “Boots on the Ground” that will distribute info, flyers, and get the word out to various events and locations to ensure that as many guests as possible are informed about all of the Classic events.  There will also be a team responsible for preparing pre-game and pre-event materials for specific groups.


This team will provide on-stage (game floor) assistance with the announcement and video call-outs, trophy and special presentations on and off the court, and assist with crowd control around the game floor.



Thank you for volunteering for the Classic for Columbus on April 22, 2023.  This event will be the premier spring event that you won’t want to miss.  As a volunteer here are our policies, procedures and guidelines that must be followed in order to participate.  If you’re unable to follow these guidelines, we ask that you not volunteer and join us a our guests.  These guidelines are provided so that all volunteers can benefit from a great experience during the Classic.

All volunteers must:


  1. Sign up during the volunteer enrollment period between January 15 and March 15.

  2. Agree to work at least 6 hours the day of the Classic, or prior to. (Pre Game Support).   All adults 18 and over can work multiple hours and various sites throughout the day or pre game day activities in 4 hour shifts or more.

  3. Attend one virtual and the in person training and walk through the week of the classic. (Other trainings may be necessary based on where you are assigned to volunteer)

  4. Do not bring any valuables with you to the site.  You will not have a place to secure them during your shift and depending on your site, you may not be able to keep it with you.

  5. Please do not bring any children on site during your volunteer shift. No children under the age of 13 are allowed to volunteer.  

  6. Youth ages 13-17 must have parental permission to volunteer for the Classic.  We will offer community service hours for their volunteer time. Must have form with you the day of to be completed at the end of a 4 hour shift.  All you ags 13-15 will only be allowed to work one 4 hour shift.

  7. You should plan to arrive to the site 45 min prior to your scheduled time to volunteer.  You will need to park, check in and walk to your site.  Unless you plan to attend other events throughout the day, feel free to do so, but check in on time for your scheduled shift.

  8. You will be required to sign in and out for your assigned volunteer time.  

  9. You will be provided one ticket to enter the festivities or the game.

  10. You will receive one t shirt to wear on game day (must provide shirt size on registration form to receive one t shirt)

  11. You will have the opportunity to receive additional tickets for every 8 hour shift you work.  You will receive via email opportunities to volunteer prior to the game.

  12. You will receive a meal tickets for completion of 5 hours for a scheduled 8 hour shift or more.   If you don’t work 5 hours or more, no meal ticket will be provided.

  13. You will not be permitted to enter any areas that you are not assigned to, unless given authorization by a Volunteer Lead.  If found in an unassigned area without permission, you will be asked to turn in your credentials and leave the property.  

  14. You will receive your credentials upon arrival to the site.  You must  wear your credentials at all times while you are volunteering.  You will need to return your credentials when your shift ends.  Once your shift ends, you will then be given your ticket to attend the game and post game concert.  

  15. If you are signing up with a group or family member, please indicate their name on each application in the notes section on the application.

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